Are you seeking sponsorship, but tired of rejection and negative feedback?

Working on a consultancy basis since 2007, WSC has been recognized for undertaking a series of promotional and consultant roles for leading American Pool Players and Pool Billiard market leaders alike. We are now developing a similar structured role for Snooker players and the Snooker industry.



Sponsorship Acquirement, Wholesaler of Branded and Custom Sports Equipment, Product Development, Marketing, Increased Sales, Conceptual Creativity, Concept Analysis, Product Design, Promotional Graphic Design, Educational Lectures, Social Youth Mentoring and Event Management. 

Simply put, we are prepared to head hunt potential sponsorship for our clients. WSC will deduct 50% off all income resulting in successful bids.

We require a full media package from you as part of our presentation to potential clients as well as a written declaration of commitment from you as prove of our agreement to act as an agent.



Based on a mutual agreement, we should be willing to act as an agent on your behalf on a consultancy basis. Our fee is non-negotiable and stand at 50%. The reason for such a high percentile is quite simple. We are dedicated in pursuit of something rare and precious in order for you too fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. Put another way; 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing…

If this agreeable to you the please do not hesitate to contact us or email us with any questions / queries you may have.