Our Snooker lessons are based on improving your ability to play the game with a specific emphasis on strategy, shot selection and shot execution. Generally we structure lessons on 3 tiers.

1. Beginner   2. Experienced   3. Expert

We also reserve lessons for the professional snooker player. We call these Sparing Sessions.

Only upon your request will will make adjustments to your technique. There are two reasons for this:

1. We believe in not wasting your time or your money by teaching you how to hold a cue and / or stroke the cue ball. Below you will see videos of how to hold the cue stick, address the cue ball and stroke the cue ball.

What is good technique?

Yes it can be said that there is an orthodox method of cueing. However, no player cues the same. With that said, a player may well be capable of creating snooker breaks of 70+ with an unorthodox technique. Jimmy White has confessed that his technique is not orthodox, however he remains one of the greatest players to have ever played snooker.

2. There are many videos and books that specifically deal with technique. Below are some of our recommended videos that will enable you to improve your cueing technique.