Our Curriculum

All our lessons meet national government standards of teaching. Our curriculum is designed with an official Program of Study, which allows us to set real targets based upon individual assessment. All students will be assigned an attainment target so he / she can follow their progress at all times.

All students will show progress that can be monitored throughout their learning using an assigned attainment level.

Our Program of Study is a plan of action that will be performed by you, the student that will enable us to optimise your P.A.L. (Player Ability Level).

What is P.A.L.?
This is our simple guide that allows us to assess your ability to perform all Cue Sports from Novice Beginner through to Champion Professional. All our students will be given an attainment level to indicate their current understanding of their chose Cue Sport. But more importantly, we will set you an attainment level to reach within a set time frame that can be measured and provides proof of your improved performance at the table.

By accessing digital technology you (the student) will always have access to your P.A.L. as a rule of guide to ensure that what you are taught during coaching session will allow you to learn throughout engaged teaching time as well as outside of teaching time.

Teaching (or coaching) sessions are based on 60 minute slots of engagement. Your time is precious to us, so it is important that continuity outside of sessions is clearly understood by all students and you will be set a conditional ‘Student Practice Time’ in which to continue your development.

Unlike other Cue Sport methodologies; the WSC will not for example claim to teach the student “How To Stand Correctly.”

Instead we take the philosophy to start each session with;
E.G. “Today You Will Learn How To Correctly Stand At A Billiard Table.”
This CLEAR and DECISIVE approach is just one method that the WSC has gained through over 10 years of KS3, KS4 and KS5 teaching, meeting UK Government standards.