Cue Equipment

In this section you can find useful equipment tips and reviews. Whilst it is important to remain impartial when it come to suggesting cue brands and cue accessories. We must acknowledge our sponsors, who have been carefully selected for this sole reason. The WSC can not and will not endorse any product it feels is unfit, unsafe or not fit for purpose. All our recommendations stem from years of usage, reliability, precision, accuracy, affordability and integrity. 


The Snooker Cue

The most important item tool you will ever need for any cue sport is your cue. Also known as; Snooker Cues, Pool Cues, Billiard Cues, Cameron Cues, this specific piece of equipment can be the most difficult to select due to the sheer number of choices that one can make…

How to choose the right cue for you?

In our experienced the two most important aspects of selecting the cue are:

A. Balance – How does the cue feel when held?

B. Weight – Is your cue too light, too heavy or just right?

However; the potential ongoing list of specifications, in search of the right cue will only grow with further experience of playing the game. Other specifications include:

Shaft Material – Traditionally Ash or Maple

Ferrule size – Traditionally between 9mm – 11mm

Length – Traditionally 58″

All these specification points and more are crucial to how any particular cue will play. Our advise is to choose from a well known manufacturer or independent cue maker that has built up years of experience and knowledge.

For Snooker we recommend –

Snooker Cue Tips

Black Heart Premium Billiard Tips

These Snooker Tips are made from 100% boar leather. Since 2010, BHT have been producing premium billiard tips for the Pool and Carom markets. Now they have recently developed and released Snooker tips. We have been playing competitively on professional circuits using these tips because of their durability and reliability. They are layered by design which are fused together to make a compound structure that hits true.

Revolutionary by design, this is the state of the art Billiard Cue Tip. The Indoor Humidity Defensive System (I-HDS Technology) protects the Cue Tip against the environment, eradicating the effect of the surrounding playing conditions making the BLACKHEART(tm) Tip a brilliant advancement towards perfection.

American Pool Cues

For American Pool we recommend  wpbsa-coach-sponsors-mcdermott Mcdermott cues are one of the world largest manufacturers of American Pools Cues. With hundreds to choose from, there is no doubt that you will be able to pick the right cue for yourself at the right price.