Black Heart Tips

Play With Heart.

Edgardo Banguera had a dream to make the best Billiard products in the world and in 2011 his legacy now begins. The original outlined objective is to focus on ‘The Billiard Player’, his / her anatomy and the physical attributes that make the player become better. So there is no better place to begin than at the front end of the most important piece of equipment every pool player requires; the pool cue. Every pool cue is designed to hit; stroke and float billiard balls with sophisticated ease. For this to happen, the pool player must trust the front end of his / her pool cue.

Premium Billiard Tips

With its advanced micro stipple manufacturing process, the BLACKHEART™ brand is the leading manufacturer specialist of layered 100% leather tips that are more consistent and compatible than any of its competitors.

Revolutionary by design, this is the state of the art Billiard Cue Tip. The Indoor Humidity Defensive System (I-HDS Technology) protects the Cue Tip against the environment, eradicating the effect of the surrounding playing conditions making the BLACKHEART™ Tip a brilliant advancement towards perfection.

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